We're a space / place / base

for work

What is
a coworking place?

A place to do good business

Coworking places provide professionals with a centre to work from. A professional place to do good business in a room of people under the same pressure with the same goals. Designed with productivity in mind, these collaborative spaces support individuals and businesses through a culture of shared values, creating a supportive environment for business to thrive. 

A like-minded community 

Elevate your professional performance by working alongside like-minded people in an environment suited to ideating and expressing visions within a supportive community. Co-working places allow for collaboration, keeping you going, brainstorming ideas and holding you accountable to get work done. Community and personality is what makes coworking so great. 

An eclectic establishment

Deriving ideas from a broad and diverse range of sources, bringing together professionals from a number of disciplines and industries to work in a collective and collaborative space. Home to businesses of all sizes, coworking places are creating a community of curious people who combine to share ideas, learn from one another and exchange good conversation.

A professional network 

Saying hello can be the first step to making valuable industry connections. Networking within a professional environment  opens the door to ample opportunities to grow business. Coworking spaces are diverse platforms for building professional networks.  Make connections, build friendships and grow business by joining a coworking place like DPARTMNT. 


"Through building relationships with people in the space... you become front of mind for them to refer to their clients"

Kate Coburn

HR Specialist at Thrive People & Culture

“When starting in a new coworking environment it can be daunting, so choose your space wisely based on your own personality needs. Everyone is there to work” 

Tim Hardy

Branch Manager of McLardy McShane Insurance Brokers

“Do it! It’s an amazing option with flexibility and a plethora of spatial options. Talk to Sam the Man and move on in!”

Ben Wynn

Managing Director of WYNERGY Pty Ltd